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Discover the benefits of AI-driven trading technology!
Utilizing impeccable trading algorithms, leading indicators, and risk management, OpenBlock’s team of skilled and elite traders ensure rapid results when it comes to daily trading.
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1004485 OBC Sold
What is OpenBlock?
OpenBlock is an innovative fin-tech company with a core focus on building cryptocurrency trading robots. Our team is now working tirelessly to bring this technology to the public incorporated on the blockchain to ensure transparency and security for our members. Our bots are designed to be adaptable and adjust when market conditions change in a bull or bear market with proper risk management tools. OpenBlock is at the forefront of the latest technologies that bring artificial intelligence, day trading, and the blockchain together.
trading mistakes
  • Buying the rumor, chasing trends & poor research
  • Emotions taking over
  • Dependence on misleading information and market sources
  • Lack of risk-management
  • Overleveraging
  • Lack of patience
  • Human work hour limit
  • Inability to process big data for trading decisions
of a trading bot
  • Incorporates existing human knowledge
  • Zero emotional breakdown
  • Cold-blooded chart analysis
  • Backtesting to ensure trading algorithm accuracy over a continuous period of time
  • AI-driven risk management
  • Does not leverage
  • The machine is patient and does not tire
  • Trades 24 hrs a day, can trade dozens of pairs simultaneously
  • Pre-defined entry and exit rules
Enhanced security
Decentralized blockchain
Easy and elegant interface
Transparent trading result
Next generation trading expertise
World class company and partners
Responsive customer service
How Does
OpenBlock Work?
  • Receive a trading signal notification

    The core of the OpenBlock ecosystem is the OBC token. A holder of OBC tokens on the platform will automatically participate in crypto trading proceeds around the clock.

  • Start immediate trading

    With the help of advanced trading algorithms, enjoy the advantages and reap the benefits of an AI-powered trading. Profits are paid out to the end user wallets in the form of OpenBlock Coin (OBC).

  • Lean back and expand your portfolio

    OpenBlock bots trade dozens of crypto trading pairs around the clock. Trading results are posted live and stored on the blockchain, to ensure maximum transparency. AI-technology will do all the work.

Watch OBi trade live below:
Q1 New Beginning for A.I. Trading
  • R&D for A.I. Artificial Intelligent Trading BOTs
  • Implement Proven Trading Techniques into BOTs
Q2 Business & Action Plans Set
  • Business Plan Complete
  • Market Research & Analysis
Q3 Complex Marketplace Research
  • Customize Proven Trading Modules into BOT
  • Research Human Sentiment Indicators
Q4 Company Formalities Settled
  • Complete Company Formation in Belize
  • Website Completed with Explainer Videos
  • Backtest BOT With Past Data Performance
Q1 Begin Basic PR Campaign
  • Private Sale Complete
  • Successful Testing of Crypto Trading Robot
  • BOT is named OBi
Q2 Global Outreach & Roadshow
  • Attend World Blockchain Forum in Dubai
  • Attend Consensus New York
  • Attend Coingeek Conference in Hong Kong
  • Developed Advanced & Robust Algorithmic BOT
Q3 OpenBlock Token Complete
  • OBC Token Created
  • Partnership with Naga Group AG
  • Partnership with Laurus Agency
  • Development of Merged Mining
  • Tweak Strategies & Newsfeeds to OBi
  • Harvested Gigabytes of Relevant Data
  • Main Sponsor at Litecoin Summit in SF
Q4 Official OpenBlock Crowd Sale
  • Pre & Main Sale
  • OBi will listen & talk
  • Implement Highspeed Fiber Network
  • IoT Support
Q1 Official OpenBlock Launch
  • OpenBlock Launch
  • Livestream Trading Results
  • PC & Mac Wallets
  • Android Wallets
Q2 Advancement in Technology
  • All Trades Stored on the Blockchain
  • Crypto Signal Offering
Q3 Financial Solution Expansion
  • Attach Visa Debit Card to Wallet
  • Market Making & Liquidity Offerings
Q4 Customized BOT Solutions
  • White Label BOT Transactions
  • Custom BOT Builds
Q1 Copy Trade Solution
  • API Based Copy Trading Solution
  • Partnerships With Key Crypto Exchanges
Q2 Financial Licenses in Key Locations
  • Attain Financial License in USA
  • Create Separate Entity for North American Market
  • Open Office in the United States
Q3 New Trading Opportunities
  • Dynamic Opportunity Detection
  • Sponsorship of Professional Sports
Q4 Financial Market & Asset Expansion
  • Research Forex Markets
  • Implement New Financial Instruments
  • Create Multi Asset Wallets
Globalize Open Block
OBC Token
Owning the OBC token will be the only way to participate in the OBI staking program. This will ensure that the program is limited to token holders and maintains exclusivity. Our customer services team will be on standby to ensure that members are treated with the utmost respect while handling the account management needs.
Token distribution
Team Tokens
Locked Up
ICO Funds Allocation
Bot Trading Funds - 40 %
Marketing - 25 %
Operations, Office, Customer Service - 15 %
Team Members - 15 %
Legal - 5 %
Benjamin Bilski
NAGA Group AG (Founder and Executive Director)
Being a Forbes 30 under 30 Member, Benjamin is amongst the great minds that will advise and promote OpenBlock around the industry. He also is one of the key persons behind the NAGA COIN, a digital cryptocurrency for stock and virtual item trading.
Moe Levin
Keynote (Founder and CEO)
Providing strategic advice, Moe is well known throughout the crypto community for his role in the World Blockchain Forum. Producing World Blockchain Forums and the North American Bitcoin Conference, Moe is a key strategist for upcoming and revolutionary ICOs, such as OpenBlock.
Yasin Sebastian Qureshi
NAGA Group AG (Co-Founder and Executive Director)
At the age of 29, Mr. Qureshi was the youngest person ever in Germany to obtain a license to run an investment bank, now aiming to disrupt the financial markets with NAGA. He develops OpenBlock’s strategy and is a great asset in many ways.
Marshall Long
Mockit eSports (Managing Director)
Marshall is a serial entrepreneur with an engineering background. His claim to fame is being one of the world’s first Bitcoin miners. Apart from being a CTO of FinalHash, a BTC consulting company, he is also a CEO of Mockit eSports, displaying his vast expertise in various markets.
Alexander Braune
NAGA Group AG (Head of Business Development)
Alexander is a banking professional with a proven track record and wide experience in the financial and consulting industry. Having advised and developed multiple successful products, Alexander is a crucial mind for the development of OpenBlock.
Wladimir Huber
NAGA Group AG (Head of Blockchain Projects)
Wladimir is a corporate finance and blockchain enthusiast with professional experience in financial modeling, controlling, as well as cryptocurrency projects. Wladimir is a part of NAGA Group AG’s core-team, that has advised several disruptive ICOs, including the NAGA ICO.
Matt McMillian
“Miggity Miner” (Youtube Crypto Educator)
Matt is a transformational and strategic business leader with extensive selling accomplishments in the public sector, enterprise, commercial and service provider market segments. He is also a Youtube Cryptocurrency Personality focusing on ICO/Coin Review, Blockchain News and Trading/Bot Trading.
Ahmed Bodiwala
Chief Technology Officer
Ahmed maintains OpenBlock’s technical strategy and technical vision and Algorithm development. Being highly experienced in Python, PHP, Java, and C++, Ahmed has been heavily involved in the industry and developing crypto projects since late 2012.
Nicholas Thomas
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Thomas is a cryptocurrency trader and former Forex day trader, with over two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets. In addition to his role as founder and CEO on some of the industries top coins, he was one of the main developers of OpenBlock’s trading bot known as OBi.
Sebastian Vieru
Community Manager
Sebastian has over 20 years of experience in managing tech businesses and sports promotions. He is responsible to see the vision of the team and community and turn it into a reality.
Christopher Baillie
Chief Communications Officer
Christopher is a social media and community expert who thrives in all situations. His job is to handle the community, listen to ideas and thoughts of community members, and to take care of all the support issues for the faithful OpenBlock supporters and backers.
Raul Jiminez
Technical Lead
Raul Jiminez is the Technical Lead at Openblock. His function is to stay on top of the AI and BOT algorithms and alter the BOTs to stay up to date and ahead of the competition. Raul is currently working at MIT and has a vast knowledge in this field.
Rayne Davis
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Rayne has extensive experience working within the blockchain industry, where he has successfully managed marketing campaigns for over 10 ICOs with a combined raised capital of $100 million. His marketing vision will a great contribution to the success of the OpenBlock ICO.
Hamilton Gilpin
Chief Community Manager
Hamilton is a Social Media Director, eSports Advisor and Coach. He has many years of experience working with a multitude of global influencers. Hamilton’s vast experience in the eSports industry will allow him to bring new ideas to the OpenBlock platform.
Charlie Mills
Trading Expert
Apart from having a computer science background, Charlie is an expert in cryptocurrency trading. His knowledge of the market, complex trading strategies and indicators will be used in developing the accuracy of OBi, as well as other bots.
NAGA Group AG is a German financial technology giant, that revolutionizes the industry for its +500,000 users.
Laurus Agency is a leading boutique marketing and consulting agency specialized in blockchain projects, fintech, and ICOs.
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