Any Questions?

What is the OpenBlock Crypto Symbol

The OpenBlock symbol is OBC.

Will Open Block Have Proper Customer Service?

Yes, OpenBlock will have customer service teams in three different continents answering calls, managing chat and responding to emails in the quest for superior customer retention and satisfaction to ALL OpenBlock members.

What should I know about the OpenBlock trading bot?

OB was coded mainly in python software and is constantly being improved with the latest technology. The BOT talks directly to crypto exchanges. It places buy and sell orders based on computerized models to bring profits to the community. OBi make decision

What should I expect as profit in OpenBlock?

OBi will spread 50% of the daily profits from day trading to OpenBlock token holders. Daily results will be posted on Monday through Friday with detailed results. Members can also view results from the OBi livestream as well.

What if the bot loses money in a single day?

If OB happens to lose money, it will not penalize the token holders, however that particular day will not have payouts. In other words, OB token holders will not take a loss of any sort.

How do I make money through Staking?

Staking is also called Proof of Stake (POS).Staking OBC in your online wallet will give you 36% in the first year, 20% in the folowing year and 10% each year theeafter until the 8,000,000 tokens is depleted. It's a great way to earn free tokens for helpin

When is the OpenBlock ICO?

The OpenBlock pre-sale began at the end of February and will continue until the beginning of May. Thereafter the ICO main sale will begin and continue into June.

What is the soft cap for the ICO?

The soft cap for the OBC ICO is $16,000,000.

How much is OpenBlock seeking to raise in the ICO?

OpenBlock is seeking to selling 25 million tokens and raise $26,250,000.

Will OpenBlock actively burn tokens?

Yes. OpenBlock will regularly burn tokens and reduce the overall token supply of OBC.

What type of trading styles does OBi perform throughout the trading session?

OBi takes a very low risk strategy when it trades. The types of trading styles OBi incorporates are: scalping, swing and position trading all based on data driven and crypto analytics with the goal of consistent low risk returns.

Will Members Get to View This Trading BOT in Realtime?

Anyone will be able to view OBi trading on live stream on and broadcasting live to our Youtube channel. Members will be able to witness trades in realtime and have piece of mind that OBi is truly working for the community in a transparent way

What Makes OpenBlock Different From Other Crypto Platforms?

OpenBlock has a sustainable business model and is run by real people that have a long-term plan and vision for growth, transparency and prosperity. The team is compiled of engineers, traders, business leaders and helpful staff.

How does OBi differ from other automated trading BOTs?

OBi will be far more advanced than simple out of the box trading BOTs as it will be utilizing pattern recognition and computational learning theory as well as incorporating human sediment when making crypto trading decisions. OBi's evolving algorithms wil

If I buy OBC on a third party exchange will I automatically be included in the OBi program?

No, your coins must be located in your OBC wallet at to ensure your elibility and proper profit distribution.

Why Should I refer others to the OBC Initial Coin Offering?

OpenBlock has a competitive referral program paying members for referring their friends, family and youtube followers to grow our user base. The tiers are broken down into three levels: Tier 1 = 10% Tier 2 = 7% TIer 3 = 5%